Institutional Ethical Code

The Fundación Pública Galega da Formación para o Traballo applies the Institutional Ethical Code of the Xunta de Galicia, which summarizes the basic guidelines that must orientate and govern the proceedings and professional development within the Galician autonomous administration, thus creating a complete deontological manual and a good practice guide to which authorities and the rest of the public service staff must conform.

The institutional ethical code sets the following specific objectives:

  • To integrate the ethical dimension in the decision making process as well as in the development of the administrative common activity.
  • To serve as a reference for the proper practice of the mandated public responsibilities and to reinforce the behavioral standards of the public servants, their unique undertaking with the general interest and the guarantee of their ethics and good faith in the decision making process.
  • To facilitate the work of public servants by providing guidance that would help them take the most appropriate decision, especially in situations in which they must apply their own criteria according to the margin of discretion at their disposal.
  • To take a preventive approach about any practice or conduct that can jeopardize the impartiality and objectivity that is inherent to the public servants’ responsibility or that might compromise the regional institution’s image and reputation.
  • To gather the basic performance principles regarding international official trips in representing the Autonomous Region of Galicia.
  • To strengthen the efficiency, optimization and greatest responsibility with respect to the use of public resources.
  • To increase the public administration’s quality parameters in order to adequately respond to the citizens’ needs and expectations.
  • The following principles will be specifically promoted in connection with the Code’s objectives:
  • Respect for the Constitution, Galicia’s Statute of Autonomy and the rest of the regulations included in the legal system.
  • The satisfaction of general interest as a prevailing objective in the administration’s activity.
  • Respect for fundamental rights and public liberties, thus avoiding any action that could lead to discrimination based on race, nationality, age, gender, pregnancy, language, religion, conviction, opinion, sexual orientation or any other personal or social condition, with special attention given to the needs and integration of disabled people.
  • The defence of the regional administration’s dignity, image and reputation.
  • The execution of duties in a loyal, integral, impartial and objective way.
  • The use of public resources following the principles of efficacy, economy, efficiency, optimization and expenditure control.
  • Maintaining a respectable, attentive and courteous conduct both with citizens and coworkers.
  • Transparency in the management of public affairs.

The Fundación Pública Galega da Formación para o Traballo applies these principles in order to comply with its main objectives.

If you want to know more about the Institutional Ethical Code, click here to access the official publication in the Diario Oficial de Galicia.