Diagnosis report

In compliance with the III Plan for Equality between men and women of the FPGFT, initiated in 2020, the Fundación Pública Galega da Formación para o Traballo develops a diagnostic report to assess the plan's implementation and the achievement of objectives.

In order to collect information that would allow us to analyse in detail the equality between men and women, three actions have been conducted:

  1. To obtain gender-disaggregated data about the cuantitative aspects of the Fundación and its staff to know the real situation and decide the actions that need to be implemented.
  2. To obtain information about the cualitative aspects related to the action taken in different internal management matters, such as: management manuals' consultation, job posts' description, revision of the most used documents in the selection process (job vacancies).
  3. To survey the employed people's opinion through a questionnaire, which is handed out to the staff.

After these actions were taken, a cuantitative analysis was carried out to examine the applicable regulation, the staff's distribution and the working conditions. Additionally, a cualitative analysis was conducted to go over the recruitment process; promotion and training; wage policy and retributions; social policy and work-life balance; comunication and advertising and sex-based harassment prevention.

The staff's opinion regarding these matters was registered through the completion of a questionnaire.
Taking the results into account, the diagnostic report concludes that the Fundación is an organization commited to the quality and wellbeing of its employees, stressing as its major assets:

  • Its commitment to the employment's quality and stability.
  • The implementation of reasonable schedules and flexibility measures.
  • A genuine interest for the expansion of work-life balance measures aside from those considered in the applicable regulation.

If you want to know more details about the process, click here to access the diagnostic report of the Fundación Pública Galega da Formación para o Traballo's Plan for Equality between men and women.