The Fundación Pública Galega da Formación para o Traballo, knowing the importance of quality when satisfying clients’ needs, decided to implement a Management and Quality System that would be effective and efficient, thus obtaining the benefits of all parties involves with the Management’s commitment to the continuous improvement and adjustment to change.


The permanent objective will be to promote the concept of continuous improvement and to increase and maintain the client’s satisfaction.


The general guidelines that were established for the achievement of these objectives are the following:


  • To reach our clients’ full satisfaction, with the provision of services adapted to the established requirements, needs, expectations and specifications, including the current regulations.
  • To establish a documented standardization in order to ensure the quality of service.
  • To implant the continuous improvement as part of the code of conduct.


This system is based on the requirements of Regulation UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015. It incorporates the eight quality management principles: client-based organisation; leadership; staff participation; procedure approach; system approach to management; continuous improvement; decision making approach and a mutually beneficial relationship with the supplier.


Foundation’s Quality Management Certificate

Foundation’s Quality Policy

Satisfaction Survey